DevOps 5 o'clock

☕ Are DevOps and AWS your cup of tea? If so, book your calendar and meet us at DevOps 5 o’clock to learn more about "Pragmatic approach to cloud migration”.

🕔 Agenda:
Adrian Gliszczyński, AWS DevOps Technical Leader, will present:
☁️ How to prepare technical and non-technical aspects of migration
☁️ If RACI / RAID / Migration log is really needed
☁️ Migration Project Plan – a key to success?
☁️ Gantt chart – necessary evil or underestimated help
☁️ Example of migration frameworks cloud migration by buzzwords - MAP, MRA, CAF and solid PM support

🕔 About the speaker
Adrian Gliszczyński, AWS DevOps Technical Leader at SoftServe.
His main area of interest is Public Cloud computing (AWS) and related migration, automation, and modernization processes. Favorite buzzword - "pragmatic". Certified AWS Solutions Architect Associate, Professional and AWS Data Analytics Specialist. As side technologies, works mostly within Security, Containerization and Orchestration domains.

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Час початку:
09.11.2021 17:00
Час завершення:
09.11.2021 18:30
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