Frontend development without frameworks

💭 Do you think there is no frontend development without frameworks?
Join our upcoming webinar and see what will allow you to create robust applications with no frameworks whatsoever. Yes! No frameworks!

💻 Frontend development is inherently hard. Historically there have been huge differences between the standards that browsers have implemented and that made the environment very hard to work with. In recent years the situation has improved drastically and nowadays modern browsers are pretty much interchangeable. During this presentation, you will learn how to build a prosperous application without using any frameworks.

Maciej Hryniszak, Lead Software Engineer at SoftServe will conduct this presentation.
Maciej is a software writer with over 30 years of experience under his belt. He touched pretty much everything there is in the IT world from desktop, through high-performance server applications, databases, embedded devices to frontend. In recent years he became in love with JavaScript and frontend development in general. Wherever he goes he tries to spread the word about best programming practices, design patterns, and whatever makes sense in any given scenario. He's a frequent speaker at conferences and meetups sharing his findings with everyone.

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Час початку:
24.06.2021 17:30
Час завершення:
24.06.2021 19:30
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