How to Sell the Future? Goldsmith Technology Commercialization Model in Practice

Imagine you have a one-of-a-kind technology that is so unique that there is nothing similar on the market. As you may know, having it does not guarantee success, as it has been presented multiple times throughout history (think lightbulb, telephone). That's where the commercialization model comes in - an easy way to organize your way to the market. Follow me on a product journey and see how you can use it in your setting.


  • Krszysztof KolosowskiBusiness Analysis Cluster Lead at SoftServe

Business Analyst with multi-domain experience, currently developing one of the clusters within CoE as Business Analysis Cluster Lead. An advocate of effective, interactive meetings and an unorthodox approach to projects. Avid cyclist, gadget, and LEGO lover. Over the last few years, a fountain pen enthusiast with a particular interest in calligraphy.

Co-founder of Business Analysts Meetup in Wroclaw and a speaker on multiple conferences (TestWare, BACon AllStars, Test:Fest, ReQuest, KIWAB).

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