Influencing Change Through Business Architecture

Usually, a good business analyst has strong hands-on experience within a software development project or a discovery of a newly signed initiative. But have you ever asked yourself where these initiatives came from? How did your customer know that they need to develop in-house CRM, renovate the customer portal, or rewrite existing billing solutions?

Let’s try to find this hidden path from strategy to execution.


  • Elena Sheludko, Business Analyst Lead at SoftServe

10+ years’ professional experience in IT, including 6+ years in the healthcare domain. Elena possesses strong hands-on experience with enterprise-level projects and enterprise transformation initiatives, like national-wide e-government platforms, billing systems, ERP, and loyalty management platforms.

Elena holds certifications from IIBA CBAP, SAFe POPM, and SAFe SP. She has been honored with the SoftServe business analysis top performer title in 2018. 

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