ITea & Coffee #2: Dual Track Agile

Tea, coffee, and a large portion of the IT business analysis and product management knowledge for dessert? If that’s your cup of tea, don’t miss our events!

Many teams use Agile, usually some form of Scrum. But how are the requirements prepared? Is it a Product Owner or Business Analyst who just dream them up? Don't they also need to define, manage and prioritize their work? Should this work be tracked within the backlog or not?

Join Paweł Stelmach, Business Analyst at SoftServe, to talk about and work through those challenges together, looking at Dual Track Agile idea and its variants and how it can be applied in practice.

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Час початку:
12.05.2021 18:00
Час завершення:
12.05.2021 20:00
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