Reactive Programming - modern approach to modern problems

Are you a Java enthusiast and practitioner, keeping up with the latest technology trends? If the answer is yes, this event is for you! Join our live webinar and find out more about modern reactive programming: ✔️ What is it and how it compares to what we have been already using ✔️ Where do we use it - areas of application ✔️ How to go reactive in Java - tools and technologies ✔️ Should we even bother? Pros and cons 🔉 Marek Iwaniuk, Software Engineer Solves back-end problems on a day-to-day basis. Enthusiast of modern web technologies (and flashy buzzwords). In his free time, a fan of various kinds of sports and old cars. ⚡ Sign up for the event to get your link to the webinar ⚡ Register now:

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25.02.2021 17:00
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